Choose your side: Superbowl 52


As a Giants fan, I’m pretty bitter over a 3-13 finish. To make matters worse, Super Bowl 52 is just the cherry on top of a historically bad season. You have the New England Patriots who are there year after year, and then you have the Giants greatest rival in the Philadelphia Eagles. Despite all this, it was easy for me to choose a rooting interest even if it’s not a popular one. I’m pulling for the New England Patriots.

I know people think I must be crazy, but let me explain why. As a kid I went to a lot of games at the old Giants stadium. The Philly fans used to scare me. They were much rowdier than the Giants fans and way more unpredictable. As a ten year old, I recall one stumbling drunk man trying to snag my Giants hat after they had beaten the Eagles in overtime to clinch a playoff berth. This year I was at a Giants vs. Eagles game at the end of the season. A group of Eagles fans sat right next to me, and were singing the “Fly, Eagles, Fly” chant equipped with "fuck you!" and middle fingers to the Giants fans. They’ve always been the classiest. The Eagles have been to the Super Bowl, but never won. They would be an easy underdog team to root for, but it’s not in my DNA. I just don’t have as much dislike for the Patriots as I do for the Eagles.

Anyone who isn’t a New England Patriots fan seems to hate them, especially Jets fans. They’ve been caught in two cheating scandals (“deflategate” and “spygate”), but have also been a dominant force in the 21st century, beginning in 2001. The combination of Belichick and Brady has been unlike anything I’ve ever seen. It’s truly remarkable despite a couple of scandals. It’s easy to harp on those, but I can’t shake the feeling that even without those instances they’d still be a great team. Especially when it comes to “deflategate,” because they still beat the Colts by such a large margin. I don’t like Tom Brady and his ego, but I recognize his ability and especially when it comes down to a big game situation. He’s a pro, but his one kryptonite is Eli Manning.

That’s what it comes down to for me. I loved seeing the Giants pummeling the Patriots in 2008 and 2012. I take some comfort in knowing that the Giants are the only team to do so in a Super Bowl game. Overall, I just want to see an exciting game.