Episode 82 (Trivia Newton John) - After Show

Episode 82 (Trivia Newton John) - After Show

What Trivia Team Names are your favorites?!


Do you agree that Ranker’s list is BS?!

Let us know in the comments below!

Rules for picking a good Trivia Team Name

  1. short and sweet

  2. No Jokes (i.e. the terrible Moses joke mentioned in the episode)

  3. Remember, someone will have to read this at the end of every round.

  4. Don’t be racist

  5. Be punny

  6. Avoid the word “Quiz”

  7. Embrace pop culture to inspire names

  8. Don’t straight up quote pop culture (i.e. Catalina Wine Mixer)

  9. Be Original (Don’t use any name from a list of BEST TRIVIA TEAM NAMES)

1999 movies

television series canceled before airing an episode

From Wikipedia

All My Babies' Mamas (early 2013) An American reality show set to air on Oxygen starring rapper Shawty Lo, and showcasing his life as the father of eleven children by ten different women. The series was canceled after an online petition and public outcry.

All-Star Celebrity Bowling (fall 2014) Revival of the 1970s bowling game show Celebrity Bowling that was to air on AMC. The channel had picked up the show in May 2014 before deciding in October to cancel all but one of its unscripted programs, including those that had not yet made it to air. All-Star Celebrity Bowling was one of at least three shows canceled in this manner.

American Princess (2003) American reality show produced by NBC in 2003. It involved 20 American women who are average, plain, and rather ill-mannered, getting taken to London to master the finer arts of British society and be crowned "American Princess" and earn valuable prizes. The series was set as a midseason replacement sometime in the 2003–04 season, but never made it to air. Two years later, the series was finally run on WE tv, where it was a success and later picked up for another season.

Angels '88 (1988) Attempted revival of Charlie's Angels that was proposed for the then-new Fox network produced by Aaron Spelling. Four women (including Tea Leoni) were selected to star. It was renamed 'Angels '89 due to production delays taking it into the following calendar year.

Angels '89 (1989) As above, renamed Angels '89 after production delays from the previous year, it suffered further delays and was abandoned permanently .