Episode 54 (Star Wars) - After Show

Episode 54 (Star Wars) - After Show
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Our ratings of the Star Wars films from Best to Worst



What Order do you watch the movies?!

Have you checked out the Machete Order?!  Read this amazing article:

The Star Wars Saga: Introducing Machete Order

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How do you watch?

  • Movie Chronology?
  • Release Order?
  • Machete Order?
  • Only Watch The Originals?

What are your thoughts on sand?!

Fixing Rose

Check out this amazing YouTube video by Nando v Movies.  Give him some love and subscribe to his awesome channel!

In a lot of ways, Star Wars: The Last Jedi succeeded. It featured some engaging stories, introduced audiences to new planets with unbelievable visuals, and gave fans moments they have been waiting for for over forty years. But there was also plenty of The Last Jedi that some fans weren't happy with.

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