Episode 55 (The Art of Skepticism) - After Show

Episode 55 (The Art of Skepticism) - After Show

What are your thoughts on Yoga fads?!

Beer Yoga?  Goat Yoga? Hot Yoga? Cold Yoga?

Let us know in the comments below if you'd try one of these novelty yoga fads or are you old school through and through!


Check out this interesting article about Beer Yoga!

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Wild Wild Country

We want to hear from you!  How do you think these cults get started?  Were you ever in a cult?  Let us know your story in the comments below!


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Fewer children in the United States are getting vaccinated. That's bad news for those kids, and also for public health in general. Often, the response is to argue and debate and get angry at people who are we see as making terrible, irrational decisions.

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