Episode 57 (Dungeons and Dragons - Part 1) - After Show

Episode 57 (Dungeons and Dragons - Part 1) - After Show

The Map of Weylon - Dungeons and Ducklings

Weylon Map (Compress).png

Meet the gang!

Bob Vizzini


Human, Cleric, Tax Attorney
Mace & Short Bow

Ethoof Incorporated

Rock Gnome, Barbarian
Battle Axe & Trident



Half-Orc, Wizard
BAMF Quarterstaff & Magic Powers

We're looking for someone who can draw our characters!  Are you that person?! Let us know, leave a comment below!


Do you play Dungeons & Dragons? 

How did you begin playing?

A friend? A podcast? Are you an OG Dungeon Master?!  

What do you think will happen next to our wacky cast of characters?!  Will they make it out of the cave?  Can Esther be trusted?  Will Grinok stick to one accent and find something to bring back to his tribe?  Will Bob Vizzini discover what he's been up to at night and how he got to Weylon all the way from New Jersey?  Will Ethoof Incorporated find a family and his way back to Nashville Tennessee?

Let us know in the comments below!