Episode 58 (Dungeons and Dragons - Part 2) - After Show

Episode 58 (Dungeons and Dragons - Part 2) - After Show
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New characters both good and evil join this wacky adventure!


Humanoid, Tiefling -  about 5’ 9” tall with dark purple horns, dark skin, and a long purple tail. Has a small knife on his side. He’s throwing a small shiny object up and down.

Doctor Emmett Verne

An elderly man with wild grey and white hair, enormous goggles that magnify his eyes, and a white wizard's robe.


Humanoid, Tiefling - about 5’ 7” tall with red horns, dark skin and a long red tail. Has a coil of rope on her belt

The gang is now called The Golden Retrievers

And they each have new loot!

Ring of the Schwartz - Grinok

While wearing this ring, you can cast the spell Telekinesis at will but can only lift targets up to one size larger than you and only on items that are not being worn or held.

A bronze ring with an extruded letter “s” inlaid with diamonds.

The Tights of Loxley - Bob Vizzini

+1 to dexterity while wearing

A garment only worn by righteous men who roam around forests looking for fights. Comes in a lovely shade of green.

Bart’s Badge - Ethoof

Grants the wearer +1 AC against ranged attacks

This badge was once worn by a legendary law man who protected a small town from a ruthless villain

The gang passed up on Frau Blucher’s Fiddle:

When played you can cast the spell Calm Emotions at will. If used against the target more than once, the target will have advantage on the saving throw until a long rest has occurred.

This finely crafted fiddle was said to once calm the raging soul of a monster.


did the RETRIEVERS make a mistake?  Should they have taken the fiddle?

Let us know in the comments below!