Episode 61 (Dungeons & Dragons - Part 3) - After Show

Episode 61 (Dungeons & Dragons - Part 3) - After Show
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Wanting to play DnD but don’t know where to begin. We didn’t know where to start either, but now we have a barely listenable podcast DnD campaign so there’s that.

dungeons & ducklings

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Grinok’s tales - Tale of Tribe Bovine Joni

Tale of Tommy and Gina

Yes, Tommy used to work on the dock they say

And then the union ended up going on strike

He was down on his luck, it was so tough

Yes, and then Gina, Gina she was working in the diner all day

And she was bringing all her pay home for, for love

Her love was Tommy

And they said, we've got to hold on, to what we've got

And they gave it a shot

But at the end of the day

They were Livin' on a prayer

The Cowboy

You know they said it was all the same

And that only the names changed

And that the days were wasted away

The faces were so cold

And they would just drive all night to get back home

And you know who was the one who was driving?

It was that cowboy, on his steel horse

Love by a bad name

Someone, was shot through the heart!

With an arrow

And do you know who was to blame?

You were!

Because, it was an angel’s smile,

which is what was for sale

Do you know what was promised?

It was heaven, but all that were there was hell

And that’s how the man was shot