Episode 62 (Who's The Best: Chris?!) - After Show

Episode 62 (Who's The Best: Chris?!) - After Show

Do you have a group of people with the same first name and wish to see which one is best? Well try The Poncho Sections’s Cosmo Quiz. Does this person fit each of the following? If so, they may be the best!

the poncho section - cosmo quiz

  1. Who has the best sense of humor?

  2. Who is the nicest?

  3. Who is the most hard working?

  4. Who would be the most fun to hangout with?

  5. Who is the best at giving nicknames?

  6. Who has the best Guac recipe?

Chris Evans Loves his dog! Just check out his Twitter!


These are the peanut candies Michael was talking about!!!

Circus Peanuts!


Made by Spangler Candy Company

CIRCUS PEANUTS HISTORY - (This is from the Spangler Candy Company Website)

Marshmallow Circus Peanuts were invented in the 1800's and have been produced by many confectionery manufacturers over the years. The first Spangler Candy Circus Peanut recipe was developed on March 12, 1941. During the war Circus Peanut Slurry was sold in jars as a sugar replacement since sugar was ration.

Circus Peanuts were originally introduced as Spring candy items in 5-cent and 10-cent variety stores. In the late 1940s polyethylene film was developed and helped make it possible to offer Circus Peanuts on a year-round basis.

Circus Peanuts are produced year-round and available in assorted flavors including Vanilla (White), Lemon (Yellow), Cherry (Red) and Banana (Orange). These fun, fluffy candy treats are great for circus-themed events! Circus Peanuts are made with top quality, gluten-free, free of top common allergens and enjoyed by kids and adults of all ages.